The members of our team represent clients in high-value litigations involving various aspects of corporate and commercial liabilities relating to property rights and the enforcement of contractual obligations, as well as in different enforcement procedures and the establishing of securities over movable and immovable property (e.g. assets, stakes, shares etc.). We also represent international clients in different recognition and enforcement procedures of foreign judgments and arbitral awards toward the debtor companies in Serbia.

We represent clients in:
  • Commercial law disputes
  • Labor law disputes
  • Disputes in front of Administrative bodies

In arbitration proceedings members of our team are appointed either as party representatives for major local, regional and international clients, or as arbitrators (sole arbitrator or as a member of the arbitral panel).

We have specific professional experience in arbitral proceedings under ICC rules, UNCITRAL rules, Rules of Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, Rules of Belgrade Arbitration Center, in front of:

  • the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce
  • Belgrade Arbitration Center
  • International Court of Arbitration the International Chamber of commerce (ICC) in Paris
  • the Foreign Trade Court of Arbitration of Italian Chamber of commerce in Turin, Italy
  • ad hoc arbitrations