The unique practice of our office is a specialized service in assisting clients in the hospitality sector, in all phases of the project development process.

Experienced legal practice combined with hospitality operations knowledge and long term cooperation with hospitality operations and concept & strategy consultancy companies, gives us a broad prospective. Clients appreciate our knowledge and understanding of their distinct needs.

Hospitality project development often necessitates a wide range of legal services, from initial land acquisition, land use permitting, financing structures and construction, management and licensing, as well as operations representation. We create a multidisciplinary team prepared to anticipate all relevant legal issues and to provide strategic advice in advance of and during development structuring, the drafting of agreements, negotiation and implementation. Also, we have vast experience in drafting and negotiating sale-purchase agreements and management contracts.

Hotel management agreement

We assist our clients in the hospitality sector throughout the negotiation process between investor/potential hotel operator in- respect of both international hotel operation standards and local regulatory framework- in order to ensure the most efficient hotel management agreement and the highest level of protection of our client’s principal interests.

We review these agreements to ensure full compliance when our clients seek to make changes in their business operations that will affect their ownership/operator relationship, and we assist them in legally terminating these HMAs when it becomes necessary.

Where our clients intend to amend their ownership/operator relationship, we provide support in reviewing the contractual aspects with the aim of achieving the clients’ goals whilst minimizing identified risks. Often, we assist in the negotiation process of terminating HMAs by applying a practical approach and our acquired deep industry knowledge and thorough understanding of the local market.

Hotel Operational and Categorization License

For a hotel project to receive an Operational and Categorisation license and to achieve the desired category conditions it is necessary to fulfil various requirements in accordance with national law and regulations. Hospitality law and regulations are related to all project phases (design and construction phase, fit-out phase, pre-opening service phase). We provide consulting and supervision to clients throughout all phases of the process.

We assist clients in the preparation of the necessary documentation and provide support in relevant procedure(s) before the regulatory bodies.