We provide our clients with general overview of the legislation in the sphere of energy law being specialized advising on licensing, connection to the grid rules, price formation, as well as information on real estate law aspects including necessary legal requirements for obtaining location, building and usage permits.

We provide comprehensive advice regarding establishing and operation of energy businesses producing energy from renewable sources (wind farms, hydro power plants, biomass plants) or from non-renewable sources such as gas and coal, based on acquired ownership rights or long-term concession rights.

Due diligence assistance

We provide legal assistance to clients during due diligence process for either setting up a greenfield energy company or acquisition of existing energy company, including legal review of regulatory framework and permitting, real estate, and contracts.

Transactional assistance

We provide transactional assistance including preparing, review and negotiation of contractual documents pertaining to the transaction, specific formalities related to energy and regulatory permits/ authorizations.

From our experience we advised international clients in process of acquisition of the local company performing a real-estate due diligence focusing on title issues as well as in acquiring process of all relevant energy permits. We have substantial experience in development of the first solar plant in sector of renewable energy in Serbia as well as in project for biomass plant starting from the acquisition of land and assisting in process of applying for all of the relevant permits ( Location Permit, Energy Permit, Construction Permit) and financing of the project with major banks as well negotiating construction contract with construction companies.