We offer a full set of corporate services to our clients which they may require from a business perspective in the process of registering and operating local companies, or branch and representative offices. Our services range from assisting clients in the incorporation process and finding the most adequate corporate financing models to performing corporate compliance checks, creating corporate governance rules as well as advising on the best models of intra-group reorganizations.


We advise clients on selecting the most suitable legal form for the intended business activity, draft corporate documentation and provide the related advisory services on local rules of corporate governance and financing. We also advise clients on all aspects of the Shareholders agreements and Joint venture agreements.

Corporate compliance and governance

We actively assist clients in creating sets of internal by-laws, corporate governance structures and corporate rules in order to fulfil the compliance requirements. Therefore our assistance is related to drafting amendments to incorporation acts and articles of associations of the companies, especially in respect to changes of share capital, authorizations of a company’s representatives and shareholders, changes of directors, objects of company activity, headquarters or offices.

Intra-group reorganization

We offer legal advisory services on restructuring processes in regards to cross-border mergers, we draft the required documents and assist in Intra-group mergers or demergers of companies either for reorganization purposes or in preparation for third-party acquisitions. We also support clients on their voluntary liquidation and winding up procedures.

Restructuring and Insolvency

We provide full legal support in restructuring procedures and negotiations of arrangements with creditors (e.g. stand still, payment rescheduling and similar arrangements).

Legal advisory in all stages of insolvency proceedings to creditors and debtors.

Legal advisory and drafting of reorganization plans with special emphasis on proposed measures for the execution of reorganization plan, such as status changes, transfers of assets, changes to the legal form and changes of general acts, etc.

Consulting regarding prevention of or dealing with bankruptcy.

Legal analyses in respect to the manner of the execution of insolvency proceedings following bankruptcy or reorganization procedure,

Legal support and advisory in the processes of sale of the assets of the debtor company or sale of a debtor company as a legal entity.

Corporate financing

We are either appointed by major commercial banks and international financial institutions or by the local borrower companies in relation to providing a full set of legal services in the process of drafting and negotiating of sophisticated Facility Agreements and supportive set of security/guarantee documents under English and Serbian law.

Clients can involve members of our team in providing assistance in negotiating different types of financing models relating to their specific needs such as corporate financing, project financing or acquisition financing.

We also participate in the process of financial restructuring of indebted companies by providing specialized legal services in restructuring and refinancing of debts and avoiding disputes if possible by means of settlement agreements.

We provide advisory services in capital increase and capital reduction procedures through intra-group loans and advise clients in remedying the negative equity situation of the companies by debt to equity swap or any other means allowed by applicable laws.


We advise clients through active engagement in both the negotiating and re-drafting of LMA documentation, fixed-term loan agreements, syndicated loan agreements, subordination agreements, securitization agreements, refinancing documentation, loan collateral mortgages and pledge agreements.

Legal opinions

We provide our clients with understanding of applicability and enforceability of different contractual clauses and the security instruments which are applied in international best practice and how such clauses/instruments will be interpreted in local practice by Serbian courts in potential disputes and throughout the enforcement process.*