We advise major international and local companies on all aspects of creating and amending of contractual relations in respect of general commercial and contractual matters related to sale and purchase of goods and services.

General contractual advisory services to clients intending to conclude relevant commercial agreements consist of assisting them in process of understanding of proposed contractual terms, proposing relevant changes and negotiating its final binding versions.

Our clients ask for legal opinions and legal analysis on various commercial matters from binding contracts such as contractual liability, warranties, termination, legal consequences in case of failure to comply with the contractual obligations, as well as participation in negotiations of contractual terms.

Contractual documentation

For our clients we review and draft standard contractual documentation such as preliminary contracts, frameworks agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Joint Venture Agreements.

Specific contractual advice

We draft and advise clients on different types of standard commercial agreements such as license agreements, franchise agreements, distribution agreements, Public-Private Partnership (PPP) agreements, Public procurement agreements, Marketing and sponsorship agreements.