Vienna Arbitration Days

The Vienna Arbitration Days is the leading arbitration conference in Austria organized by Austrian Arbitration Association ( ArbAut) and leading law firms in Austria and abroad. The participants from numerous jurisdictions around the world come to Vienna for two days of discussion on leading topics in international arbitration. As for the few past years, Boris Baklaja participated in two day conference program as an active participant including the second day when the new form of discussion panel Arbitration Café took part. The main topic of VAD 2016 which was discussed by arbitration practitioners  was predictability vs. flexibility in international arbitration. As possible recipe for further successful use of international arbitration it is necessary to have more flexibility with always some predictability.

Proposal for improvement of ex-officio defense

Jugoslav Tintor has initiated and actively participated in project named “Proposal for improvement of ex-officio defense” organized by Bar Association of Serbia and supported by OSCE Serbia. As part of this project, Jugoslav Tintor has presented  his proposal in five roundtables which have been organized in period of September to December 2015 in Novi Sad, Čačak, Kragujevac, Niš and Belgrade. The participants were judges, public prosecutors, representatives of ministry of interior and lawyers. The project goal is to establish a 24 hour call-center for transparent and objective procedure for appointment of ex-officio deference lawyers as well proposing professional criteria for ex-officio defense lawyers and continual legal education The implementation of this project should be finished by the end of 2016 which will strongly improve effectiveness of ex officio defense in criminal proceedings and prevent potential corruption in this field.