The employment of foreigners

22 Nov 2022
The employment of foreigners in the Republic of Serbia has become increasingly attractive over the years. In order for a foreign citizen to enter an employment agreement, he/she has to comply with certain conditions and procedures. In particular, it is necessary to obtain a temporary residence and a work permit....
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Tax returns and declarations of income earned abroad

20 Oct 2020
On October 13th 2020, Tax Administration of the Republic of Serbia issued a statement inviting taxpayers (natural persons) to meet their tax obligations and file, on their own initiative, the tax returns and declarations of income earned abroad. The reason for this announcement is the fact that the number of...
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New public registry for Health Care Institutions

30 Sep 2020
The Business Registers Agency (“BRA”) announced the establishment of a new public registry for healthcare institutions that starts operating as of October 11th this year. This represents a massive improvement compared to the system currently in use. Up until now, commercial courts have been in charge of registering healthcare institutions...
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