Katarina Obradović Baklaja


Katarina Obradović Baklaja


Katarina is attorney at law with over twenty years of professional experience, specialised for Construction and Real Estate law and Dispute resolution. She is advising clients in numerous projects in areas of infrastructure, Real Estate, energy law and with focus on projects based on different types of FIDIC General Conditions of Contracts.

In project development phase, she has valuable experience in implementation of legal and contractual requirements, from creation of legal strategies to negotiating FIDIC based contracts and other complex engineering and construction contracts, management of legal issues during the implementation of the projects and representation of the clients in international DAB, mediation or arbitration proceedings. As part of academic specialisation in the area, Katarina sucesfully completed post graduate studies on Panthéon-Assas University Paris II, „ International Construction Contracts” and holds a PgD diploma. This specific multi-disciplinary Postgraduate Diploma designed for experienced construction professionals and legal professionals from construction industry provides in depth knowledge of sound contracts management practices in relation to international construction contracts in both civil law and common law environments. Knowledge and experience in national jurisdictions and local laws in the Balkan region combined with international know-how and understanding of international models of construction contracts qualified Katarina for various expert positions on projects in the region.

As part of our office arbitration team, she represented clients in international arbitrations under ICC rules, VIAC rules and BAC rules.She focuses on construction arbitration and construction ADR procedures - DAB/DAAB. She spent first part of professional career in judiciary, acted for 9 years as a judge within that period. In her adjudication and arbitration practice she successfully implements years of judicial experience in areas of proceedings guidance, presentation and evaluation of evidence and decision writing.

Since 2017. she is appointed to National PRO List of experts of ACES – Association of consulting engineers of Serbia -National FIDIC Association in two expert categories:List PRO 2- recommended lawyers for the field and List PRO 3 – recommended Adjudicators for DAB -Dispute Adjudication Boards.

Katarina holds a position of President of Construction Dispute Resolution Center (CDRC),a permanent institution for the administration of alternative construction dispute resolution proceedings formed under ACES (Association of consulting engineers Serbia).

She is an active member of ACES Task group and and engaged as a trainer on local FIDIC trainings organized by ACES.

She has full working capacity in English.

Tel: +381 11 3284 110 kobaklaja@bit-law.com

  • PgD Diploma International Construction Contracts,Panthéon-Assas University Paris II
  • Specialist studies “Notary public”, Law School at University of Belgrade, Serbia
  • BA at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
  • International Contracts Training Courses – FIDIC Module 1,2,3 and 4
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Commercial
  • Hospitality
  • Member of the Belgrade Bar
  • Member of ACES Managing Board
  • Member of CDRC Presidency Board, President
  • Appointed to National PRO List of experts, ACES – National FIDIC Association: List PRO 2- recommended lawyers, List PRO 3 – recommended Adjudicators for DAB