Ana Pontreli

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Ana Pontreli


Mrs. Pontreli represents clients facing both criminal and misdemeanor charges. As a criminal defense attorney, she possesses wide experience in dealing with the criminal law cases and outstanding ability to develop strong argument strategy for the court. Ana consults with and advises clients on the best tactics to take and is well equipped to explain the probable outcome of the criminal case.

In addition, Mrs. Pontreli represents the victims of criminal offences, victims as prosecutors and victims with a specific property claims. During the course of her career, she has represented a variety of clients before all courts in the Republic of Serbia, including the Special Court for Organised Crime. Before misdemeanor courts of the Republic of Serbia, she represents both individuals and legal entities in procedures relating to all types of misdemeanor and economic offenses.

Ana puts special attention to vulnerable groups of victims, most specifically children. She underwent several trainings on the rights of the child and possesses the certificate of special knowledge in the field of child rights and criminal protection of juveniles. Among her clients there were both children who had been victims of a criminal offences and children who had committed criminal offences.

Ana is also an experienced family lawyer with specific expertise in divorce proceedings, litigations regarding alimony claims, protection from abuse, child support and custody matters.

Due to extensive experience in the above stated areas, Ana further professional goals are focused on international human rights law and their protection before relevant local and international institutions.

Ana is fluent in English language.

Tel: +381 11 3284 110

  • BA at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade
  • Criminal law
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Member of the Belgrade Bar