eConsulate – first electronic service for foreign citizens launched in Serbia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in cooperation with the Office for IT and eGovernment has developed and introduced on May 20th a new electronic service – eConsulate through which foreigners who intend to come to Serbia for employment can electronically apply for a D visa that allows them to stay in Serbia for up to 180 days and is a valid basis for obtaining a work permit to work in Serbia.
In the previous period, the legislative framework gradually changed in order to enable the simplest and most efficient way to obtain all necessary permits for residence and work in Serbia. The introduction of the eConsulate service significantly simplifies the process of obtaining a work permit because a foreign citizen receives the ID number of his application as soon as he applies for a D visa, so that his future employer can immediately submit a work permit application to the National Employment Service.
It is important to note that the procedure for issuing a work permit directly depends on the procedure for obtaining a D visa, and that in the event that the application for a D visa is rejected, the work permit request will also be rejected. That is why it is very important to prepare complete and adequate documentation in advance in order for a positive decision to be adopted in both procedures.
The biggest benefit of the new system is the speed of obtaining a work permit because it will be obtained at the same time as the D visa, which has not been the case so far- Up until now, the foreigner first had to obtain a basis for residence – Visa D and only after that his future employer could apply for a work permit.
When he obtains a D visa on the basis of employment, upon arrival in Serbia for the period for which it was granted to him, the foreigner does not have to submit a request for temporary residence, he only needs a work permit, which he will now be able to obtain before arriving in Serbia.
Considering that the D visa is issued for a maximum period of 180 days, if after the expiration of that time period the foreigner intends to stay and work in Serbia, he is obliged to submit a request for temporary residence to the Directorate for Foreigners of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and to renew his work permit.