New regulations related to employment of foreigners

On August 02, 2018, Minister for Labour, Employment, Veterans Affairs and Social Affairs based on the Article 28, Paragraph 3 of the Law on Employment of Foreigners, adopted new Rulebook on Work permits („Rulebook“).

The main goal of the newly adopted Rulebook is to simplify the procedure of obtaining the work permits for foreigners and to reduce the time needed for completing such procedure.

The most important, newly introduced points are:

  • In the procedure for issuing of a work permit for foreign citizen, the request for the implementation of the labor market test shall be submitted no earlier than 60 and no later than 10 days before the date of application for a work permit for the employment;
  • The labor market test shall be conducted in 10 days (earlier it was within 30 days);
  • After the received report on the labor market test, the employer is obliged to notify the organization responsible for employment affairs on the action in accordance with such report within the period of 3 days (earlier it was within 15 days);
  • The National Employment Service now ex officio obtains the following evidences:
  • birth certificate / marriage certificate,
  • permit for permanent / temporary residence,
  • decision on the employer’s registration in the registry of the competent authority,
  • certificate from the single database of the Central Registry of Compulsory Social Security.

These changes will come into force from August 25, 2018.