Prior to FIDIC regional infrastructure conference ’’THE ROAD TO SMART INFRASTRUCTURE’’, pre-conference International FIDIC Training “Understanding DABs: Enabling Parties, their Representatives, Engineers and Dispute Board Members to understand and Manage the DAB Process – Module 3” was held on March -7-8, 2017.
Moderators/trainers were Mr. Edward Corbett, (Principal of Corbett & Co International Construction Lawyers Ltdand and a member of the Working Group of FIDIC which drafted the Short Form of Contract and the Dredging Contract) Mr. Leo Grutter, (Civil Engineer and a Dispute Resolution Expert, Member of FIDIC’s President’s List of Approved Dispute Adjudicators) and . Mr. Dedezade Taner (an acknowledged expert in FIDIC contracts).
With their great experience, various case studies were provided to participants, as well as an extensive interaction with the trainers and the other participants.
It was designed for all who are actively involved in international projects and to provide practical guidance to those who are involved in dispute resolution where use of FIDIC forms of contracts is required, including representatives from Consulting Engineers, Contractors, Funding Agencies, Employers, Insurers, Manufacturing Organizations and representatives from the Legal and other Construction Professions. Ms. Katarina Obradovic Baklaja, Law Office Baklaja Igric Tintor, being qualified for the attendance, by completing previous modules and having practical experience in use of FIDIC form of contracts in numerous Projects over the region, participated. It was great opportunity to learn about experiences from other jurisdictions, and identify problems that are being faced in practice during dispute resolution procedures.
The programme main topics were:
– the use of DABs in the FIDIC Construction and Plant and Design-Build Contracts and the application of Dispute Board rules and procedures.
-The FIDIC Short Form of Contract and the FIDIC EPC/Turnkey Contracts are also covered, using the Construction and Plant Contracts as the basis,
-The procedures and application of the Dispute Adjudication requirements under these contracts to those wishing to work as dispute adjudicators as well as those who will use Dispute Adjudication Boards either as an Employer, Engineer or Contractor, focus on the experience gained from DAB processes for those with a good basic understanding of DAB processes and procedures, but need in-depth practical knowledge and problem solving scenarios.
This special two-day event was very important for all participants in order to understand and manage the DAB process and it was a great introduction for the upcoming conference The Road to Smart Infrastructure.