anti money laundering

Foreign Investors Council in Serbia (FIC), the organization which brings together the largest foreign companies that have invested in Serbia, sent to relevant authorities a proposal on changes and amendments of the Draft Law on anti-money laundering and combating financing of terrorism which shall be adopted in 2017.
The Legal Committee is one of the most important committees within FIC which actively participates in the process of further development of the legal system in Serbia.Law office Baklaja Igric Tintor, as a founding member of FIC, participated in work of the Legal Committee and proposed Amendment 4 and Amendment 10 to the the Draft Law, which has been accepted by the 14 members of the Legal Committee and the Committee for Leasing and Insurance. Amendments 4 and 10 relate to the proposed provisions of the Draft Law which directly affect the position of attorney’s at-law and law offices and therefore have been supported by a large number of law offices as members of the Legal Committee of FIC.